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Work as a team to develop a successful parenting plan

Child custody matters often top the list of concerns when divorce is on the horizon. 

If you employ teamwork, you and your spouse can develop a successful parenting plan that will benefit both you and your children. 

Understand the parenting plan

The state of North Carolina encourages divorcing parents to work closely together to develop and follow a parenting plan. The plan should outline how you will care for your children and guide their upbringing in a post-divorce world. The court will take a special interest in reviewing the plan to ensure that you are giving due consideration to the best interests of your children. 

Include major points

One of the most important sections of your plan will provide details about the parenting schedule. The court favors spending as much time with your children as possible. In addition to a weekly timesharing schedule, you should include timesharing for holidays, special celebrations and summer vacations. The parenting plan should also include details about sharing child-raising expenses, how you intend to manage making big decisions on behalf of the children and who has access to their school and medical records. 

Review your plan

Every parenting plan is unique, and you can include anything you feel is important. The plan is a roadmap for the care and welfare of your children going forward. Keep in mind that this is a legal document and once written, you and the other parent should review it carefully to ensure that you have not missed anything. Teamwork will help you get the job done to the satisfaction of everyone in the family, allowing you can face the future with greater confidence. 

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