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Winston-Salem man facing charges for mugging lady, stealing car

Sadly in North Carolina and elsewhere, some people regard the elderly as weak and easily victimized. Unfortunately, some individuals with criminal intent rely on this assumption to take advantage of other people in their golden years. A man from Winston-Salem is currently in legal trouble after he allegedly mugged an elderly woman and stole her car keys. 

Incident details 

The incident occurred before 10 a.m. on the morning of Feb. 6. It is alleged that a man from Winston-Salem, who was described as 36 years old, stripped an elderly woman of her car keys by force and absconded with her 1998 Oldsmobile. The altercation reportedly happened at a convenience store in Davidson County. 

Upon receiving a report of the alleged attack and car theft, authorities from both the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office and the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office issued a BOLO (Be On the Look Out) for the woman’s Oldsmobile. Officials located the vehicle at an undisclosed location and attempted a traffic stop. The driver apparently did not stop until the car experienced a mechanical problem and came to a stop. The man was charged with assault on a female and common law robbery along with possession of a stolen vehicle. He also faces a felony charge of eluding arrest, and he received a $100,000 secured bond in Davidson County as well as a $50,000 secured bond in Alamance County. 

Right to defense 

As disturbing as the charges are against the man, he is still presumed innocent unless and until convicted in criminal court. As such, he will want to work closely with an experienced criminal defense attorney in North Carolina to help increase his chances of obtaining a successful outcome. A lawyer will analyze all aspects of the accused’s arrest and try to challenge the evidence prosecutors plan to use against the accused individual. 

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