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Winston-Salem man arrested after shooting

Some people choose violence to settle disagreements or arguments they have with others. In that group, some choose to use firearms to get their point across. Such appears to have been the case in a recent altercation in Winston-Salem, where one man fired shots into the car of another individual. 

Incident details 

The North Carolina shooting occurred at some point on Monday, March 21. It happened on North Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in the 500 block. Reportedly, a man, 25 years old, fired at least three shots into a vehicle driven by another man whose age was not specified. 

The shooting injured the target, who was reportedly driving a Chrysler 200. The shooting suspect was reportedly driving a Dodge Charger. Police believe the two know each other and that the shooting was in response to a previous altercation between them. The victim apparently only suffered injuries to his finger from a single shot. The suspect was arrested and charged with discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle, three counts. 

Right to defense 

Although the evidence against the accused appears strong, the man still retains the right to mount a criminal defense to fight the charges against him. By working with an experienced criminal defense attorney in North Carolina, the man can gain a full understanding of his rights and options. A lawyer will also analyze all aspects of the case and the subsequent arrest to ensure the client’s legal rights were not violated in any way throughout the process. 


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