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Why is an attorney important to your criminal defense?

If you are facing criminal charges, you are probably spending a lot of time weighing your options. You may feel confident that you can easily defend yourself against the charges, especially if the evidence against you is weak. If police wrongly accuse you of a crime, you certainly feel your profession of innocence will be sufficient to protect you from a conviction.

However, it is important to remember that your rights and your freedom are at risk. When the charges against you may result in consequences that could jeopardize your future, you may want to consider the benefits of seeking skilled and experienced legal counsel.

Having the right advice matters to your case

Reruns of popular criminal justice shows cannot substitute for a legal education and practical experience in a court of law. While the situation you are in seems “cut and dried,” you may not fully grasp the nuances of the law as they pertain to your case. On the other hand, an attorney who represents you in a criminal trial will have training in this particular area of law and will know how North Carolina statutes apply. Other benefits of having an attorney for your case include the following:

  • A trained lawyer will recognize when evidence against you is in violation of your rights or when it is appropriate to object to testimony.
  • An attorney will have the resources necessary to build a solid defense strategy, such as expert witnesses and other professionals related to the offense in question.
  • You may not know when to file the necessary motions that pertain to your case, such as motions to suppress evidence or request information from opposing counsel.
  • Your attorney will know how to negotiate if your best course of action is to plea bargain.
  • Your opponent, the prosecutor, will be highly skilled and may easily take advantage of your inexperience and lack of fluency with the law.

While you may be able to do adequately in a court of law, when your future is on the line, you will want to have the best opportunity for the strongest possible defense. The right attorney can help provide that opportunity. With legal counsel, you will not have to worry about feeling confused about what is happening or uncertain about the best action to take. Instead, your legal counsel will provide you with a fair chance that your case will resolve in the most positive manner possible.

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