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What is credit card fraud, and how can you defend yourself?

Accusations of white collar crimes can be confusing – how much trouble are you really facing? What will happen if a court convicts you of this crime? No matter what you think about the nature of these types of charges, you would be wise to take your case seriously. Any level of white collar crime can lead to repercussions that can change your life.

A common type of white collar crime is credit card fraud. This criminal activity is a form of identity theft, and it involves using another person’s information to open credit cards, buy things or obtain some financial gain. If convicted, you could face repercussions that can include time behind bars. It is a serious crime, and it merits a serious defense.

A case for credit card fraud

There are specific elements that must be present in order to have a valid credit card fraud case. The prosecution does not have a case unless there is evidence of you committing at least one of the following criminal acts:

  • Using a card with the full knowledge it had expired or not having the full amount of funds necessary to cover the cost of your purchases
  • Taking, forging or obtaining someone else’s credit card number and information through fraudulent means
  • Accepting payment with a credit card you know does not belong to the purchaser or you know the purchaser obtained illegally

Credit card fraud includes different types of illegal activity committed with a credit card, including opening new credit cards with stolen information, using a fake or counterfeited card, using a stolen card, or more. Depending on the details of the alleged crime, you may face only a misdemeanor charge, but it is possible you will face a felony charge.

Act quickly to protect your interests

If you are facing accusations of credit card fraud, you would be wise to take immediate action to protect your interests and secure the right defense help. When it is your future and potentially your freedom at stake, it is beneficial to learn about how you can confront these charges as effectively as possible.

Whether you are already facing charges or you are under investigation for credit card fraud, you can begin working on your defense strategy today. It can be helpful to start by seeking a complete evaluation of your case with an experienced North Carolina attorney.

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