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Tips for filling out a successful immigration application

There are many steps in the United States immigration process. The first of these steps, and one of the most critical, is the initial application. For anyone looking to immigrate to North Carolina, or any other state, it is important to take the time and effort to ensure this application is filled out correctly and accurately. Here are some tips for filing the best possible application. 

  • Read everything (twice): Some of the sections on the application may seem straightforward and self-explanatory. Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to read each section carefully before filling it in. It is also important to review it after one has completed the section to ensure all instructions were properly followed. 
  • Don’t forget the translation: Make sure an English translation is provided for all documents in a different language. 
  • Take steps to make sure the package gets to its destination: At minimum, this means triple-checking that the address on the package is correct. Ideally, courier the documents and get a tracking number to confirm it arrives safely. Keep a copy of the documents along with a record of it arriving in case it comes into question later. 
  • Apply with plenty of time to spare: Those in the United States on another visa should do their best to submit an application before their status expires. 

In every part of the immigration process, it is important to be truthful and forthcoming. Those with a criminal record will need additional documentation, specifically a waiver of admissibility. A North Carolina immigration lawyer can help individuals with the successful completion of these documents and can help clarify any step of the process. 

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