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The risk of visiting someone with a domestic protection order against you

February is a romantic month, with Valentine’s Day being the primary catalyst. For people not currently in a relationship, it can be a time to remember former partners and the good times. But be careful if an ex contacts you looking to get back together. A domestic protection order can significantly complicate your romantic reunion and expose you to serious legal trouble.

A domestic violence protection order or DVPO, commonly known as a restraining order, generally requires a person accused of domestic violence to stay a certain distance away from the alleged victim and avoid contacting them. Though having a DVPO against you does not mean you have been convicted of a crime, violating the terms of the order can lead to severe penalties, including jail time.

What can happen if you get back together despite a DVPO

It is not uncommon for someone in the Winston-Salem area to accuse their spouse or domestic partner of abuse, get a protective order issued against the person, but later reconcile with the alleged abuser. But that does not cancel the order. You take a considerable risk if you get together with someone who has a DVPO against you. Things between you could be good for a while. But if you get into an argument, all they have to do is call the police and you would be under arrest for violating the domestic order. The fact that they invited you into their home or chose to be in your presence does not matter to the police or prosecutor.

Consider the possible consequences first

Ultimately, it is up to you to get back together with your ex, who has a DVPO out on you. But at least consider the risks before you do so.

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