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Ticket Dismissed

I have hired Dylan Greenwood for several suits from tickets to criminal, to getting something off my credit that was not supposed to be there. The first time I hired Dylan, it was regarding a ticket. I had not one in decades and I was frantic and in tears, Dylan was patient, kind and understanding. He promptly returned my call when I was calling around for attorneys. After speaking with Dylan, I knew he was all I needed. All I had to do was take him the money or pay via phone with my debit card and I did not even have to go to court. He even paid my court fees while getting my ticket dismissed! No points on my DL, nothing. Dylan’s office then sent me a formal letter via postal mail, telling me that my fines, fees were paid and the ticket had been dismissed. Dylan and his office staff treat me and my family like royalty and I want to hire Dylan, for everything because he is such a great attorney. His fees are affordable and I receive great service, and results! Dylan works extremely hard for his clients and I have grown to love and respect him. If I have a legal issue or if I want to be protected, I call DYLAN at Greenwood Law. It is wonderful to have such a High Profile, upscale, wonderful attorney in your corner like Dylan Greenwood and his staff.

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