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He Stood By Me in Court

I had to hire Dylan Greenwood again! I currently live at Hawthorne at Main apartments in Kernersville and this is a horrible place to live. I had a neighbor who I had no relationship with and never spoke to her and went out of my way to avoid her. She even approached to me to let me know my husband was bringing in groceries and she even stated as he does every Friday. She was a stalker and a weirdo! For pure spite and jealousy she took a 50-C out on me and told the most disgusting lies! I nearly hit the floor when the police officer served me! I could not understand why someone I have not spoken to in over a year would deliberately lie on me to cause me such trouble and use the court system to harass me! I called Dylan and he acted immediately! He knew I was not guilty of the accusations. He stood by me in court and you all should have seen that ugly girl’s face! He subpoenaed the cops, my landlord, the maintenance men and he protected me! He talked to her once on the phone and the next thing I knew she volunteered to dismiss the charges. The entire court house knew she was lying. Dylan made sure I was not alone in court and he and both Jessica, a lovely woman attorney stood by my side and I felt protected. My anxiety was up the roof! Leslie, Dylan’s assistant also helped me through this nightmare! They are all wonderful and well worth the price!

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