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Statewide crackdown leads to 189 arrests

Law enforcement in North Carolina is continually trying to reduce the amount of crime in the state. Among the possible criminal activities they usually investigate include alcohol, drug and weapons-related matters. In their efforts to crack down on illegal activity, several law enforcement agencies partnered to make a total of 189 arrests recently. 

Crackdown and charges 

Agents with the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) led the initiative. However, the report did not specify when the crackdown started or how long it was active. ALE has a team of specially trained agents who can investigate matters related to illicit activity, and they enforce the state’s alcohol, tobacco, gambling and lottery laws. Authorities are also able to make arrests. 

During this latest crackdown, authorities served at least four search warrants through eight districts across the state. In their searches, they say they seized six firearms and an unspecified amount of cash as well as 78 fraudulent IDs and illegal substances. 

In total, officers made 189 arrests and announced 449 charges that include 20 felony accusations. Officials also say they identified several alcohol businesses approved by the Alcoholic Beverage Commission (ABC) to be in violation of laws and regulations. If found guilty, the businesses could face harsh legal consequences as well. 

Right to defense 

Those facing charges following this latest crackdown are likely concerned about what a conviction will mean for their future. Also, the owner of any alcohol-selling establishment that was identified as violating laws and regulations will need to fight their charges to avoid serious repercussions that may include losing their ABC license. Whatever the case, all who were accused will need to enlist the services of a criminal defense attorney for assistance in obtaining the best outcome possible considering the circumstances. 

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