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Promoting a healthy co-parenting relationship

These days, when parents in North Carolina separate or get divorced they often prefer a shared parenting, or co-parenting, arrangement. Obviously, parents in these circumstances will usually have some struggles and difficulties to overcome, so co-parenting can be challenging. Here are some ways to facilitate a healthy co-parenting relationship. 

Clear boundaries 

For co-parents, it is often much easier to work together when clear boundaries are established. Both parties need to understand what they do and do not have control over.  For example, one parent cannot control who the other parent dates or is romantically involved with. If it does not affect the children, it should not be a concern. 

Predetermined schedules and communication 

When parents have a predetermined schedule or routine, parenting transitions are easier and more manageable for all parties involved. Any good parenting schedule should include a solid, predetermined routine for household transitions. To make any routine work, parents need to effectively communicate with each other to confirm commitments or inform the other parent if schedules change. 

Be flexible 

For a healthy co-parenting relationship, flexibility is a must. Parents will not agree on every decision. Try to be as accommodating as possible with the other parent, even when that parent does not return the same courtesy.  

Help is available 

Always remember to keep the past relationship where it belongs, in the past. The co-parenting relationship should be focused on the children and their best interests. Parents in North Carolina who have questions about parenting or child custody arrangements could get help by seeking the services of a seasoned family law attorney. A knowledgeable legal professional can answer questions and help a client understand the laws surrounding child custody. 

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