Traffic Violations

Greenwood Law PLLC, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, takes the defense of traffic tickets or traffic violations seriously.

Traffic violations might not seem serious to some, but certain citations can have lasting consequences and all traffic violations can contribute to a loss of driving privileges. Through thorough research, he has been able to get traffic tickets dismissed or obtain the best possible outcome for the client. Dylan works hard with court officials and law enforcement to help you avoid points on your license and auto insurance.

Avoid Consequences Of Traffic Tickets Or Traffic Violations

These apparently minor traffic tickets or traffic violations can have major repercussions. With excellent representation by a skilled lawyer, Dylan W. Greenwood, you can build a strong defense to minimize the impact that a traffic ticket or traffic violation has on your life. In most cases, you do not have to appear in court because Dylan W. Greenwood will represent you in court.

To help you avoid the consequences from traffic tickets or traffic violations, contact an experienced and qualified lawyer in North Carolina. Attorney Dylan W. Greenwood is a criminal defense lawyer who handles these types of traffic tickets or traffic violations such as speeding, reckless driving, driving while license revoked or suspended, driving without a license, driving without a registration, or a failure to appear for the traffic tickets or traffic violations.

Obtaining a traffic criminal defense lawyer, such as Dylan W. Greenwood, is so important because if you simply “payoff” a ticket in North Carolina, you are pleading guilty to the traffic ticket or traffic violation. In turn, this can impact the points on your license and your auto insurance and you might pay higher auto insurance premiums or lose insurance coverage.

Greenwood Law PLLC is an experienced North Carolina traffic lawyer. He has handled numerous traffic and traffic-related cases with great success. We give our clients straight talk and strong advocacy. If you hire our law firm, you will know where you stand and that you have a lawyer willing to go the extra mile for you!

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