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The immigration law in the United States is very complicated, and the process has changed significantly since the original application.

Immigration law is changing drastically and regularly, and today there are nearly 200 forms for various immigration procedures. Greenwood Law, focuses on handling immigration procedures. We work hard to ensure that you fully understand what the United States government requires if you are seeking permanent resident status and citizenship. We will guide you through the complex procedures.

Key points

Greenwood Law Immigration Lawyer Services

At Greenwood Law, we offer representation and legal advice in most areas of immigration law. Whether you are seeking permanent residency, applying for temporary employment, or needing assistance with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), we can help with legal representation. Call Greenwood Law, today for assistance with any of the following:

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

DACA offers young immigrants a glimpse of hope. For many, it’s more than just paperwork; it’s the chance to work and live without the looming shadow of deportation. Navigating the eligibility criteria and procedural steps, however, isn’t always straightforward. It’s here that immigration lawyers play a pivotal role, ensuring that dreams aren’t derailed by legal intricacies.

Family-based Immigration

Picture this: a family reunion after years of separation. That’s always the goal of family-based immigration. The process allows U.S. residents to bring close family members to join them. However, the procedures? Not so heartwarming. They’re often intricate, requiring an expert’s touch. Immigration lawyers serve as invaluable allies, helping families bridge the miles legally and smoothly.

Employment-based Immigration

The U.S. is a hub of opportunities, drawing talent from across the globe. Whether it’s tech professionals or artisans, many seek the American dream through their professions. But cracking the code of employment-based visas? That’s another game altogether. Immigration attorneys offer guidance, ensuring skilled workers find their place without unnecessary hiccups.

Adjustment of Status

Think of adjusting one’s immigration status like upgrading to first-class after years in economy. It’s coveted, yet the path is layered with procedures. Legal counsel can make this transition smoother, ensuring that each step, from paperwork to interviews, is tackled with precision.

Criminal Law Litigation

The crossroads of criminal law and immigration are complex. A misstep on one side can have ripple effects on the other. For immigrants, legal issues might jeopardize their stay. Here, lawyers with a dual focus can be game-changers. They shield clients from potential pitfalls, merging expertise in both criminal and immigration law.

Visa Application Process

Much like deciphering the steps of a new dance, understanding the visa application process can be intricate. Having a seasoned immigration lawyer can make it feel like you’ve got a dance instructor guiding your every move.

Naturalization Law

This is the blueprint for joining the U.S. family. With myriad stipulations and clauses, it’s vital to have someone with an in-depth knowledge on your side.

Green Card Application

The quest for the elusive green card is akin to the golden snitch in a Quidditch match. Worth a lot and hard to get. But with a competent lawyer, the odds tip in your favor.

Deportation Defense

When facing deportation, emotions run high. Having a legal expert advocate for you is not just reassuring—it’s essential.

Citizenship Application Process

The final hurdle in a marathon. But just as runners benefit from coaches, aspiring citizens profit immensely from experienced lawyers.

Immigration Appeals

If the initial verdict didn’t lean in your favor, an appeal is your second inning. And much like a baseball game, having a strong team makes a world of difference.

How Our Immigration Lawyers Are Helping Families

You want the best for your family. Helping you get what you want for your family is also important to our law firm. Our immigration attorney helps families throughout North Carolina.

If you are facing legal issues related to immigration, visas, divorce, or criminal law matters, we can also help. Greenwood Law will take the time to sit down with you, to help you understand all of your options and to determine how we can best assist you. Our law firm wants to help you form or re-form your family unit in the best way possible.

We will help you or your family member with visa documentation for many different circumstances. Our law firm will guide you through the immigration process for short-term stays, citizenship applications, and naturalization.

We will be your immigration manager; we can help you or your family with visas, green cards, and help you with any requirement to retain your current status.

Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration law can be as complex as a master sommelier’s knowledge of wines. While you could try to brave it alone, wouldn’t it be reassuring to have an expert at your side?

An Immigration attorney’s understanding of the legal maze is invaluable. Their hands-on experience with similar immigration cases can give you a significant leg up. The assurance of having someone who’s well-versed in the field and who can anticipate potential pitfalls can be a relief in such pivotal moments of one’s life.

Choosing an Immigration Lawyer in Winston-Salem

Identifying the right immigration lawyer in Winston-Salem is a blend of art and science.

  • Qualities to Look for: Just as you’d scrutinize a gem for clarity and quality, evaluating a lawyer requires a keen eye. You need someone knowledgeable, compassionate, and patient.
  • The Merits of Going Local: Imagine trying to get travel advice for Winston-Salem from someone in L.A. The local nuances would be missing, right? Similarly, local lawyers possess insights that outsiders might miss.
  • Decisive Factors: It’s more than just credentials. Think about their success rate, community reputation, and the intangibles—how they make you feel during consultations.

Given the weight of immigration decisions, doesn’t it make sense to have the most competent guide at your side?

Putting Clients’ Needs First

Our clients come from all walks of life, including those who live in Winston Salem North Carolina and those who visit or pass through. We also represent students at Winston-Salem State University, Wake Forest University, and other schools in North Carolina.

At Greenwood Law, you will not be treated as a case number. We treat every client with the respect they deserve. We give each client our best, and we will give you our best if we handle your case.

Immigration issues are a stressful and scary experience. A qualified immigration lawyer in Winston Salem North Carolina can take much of the anxiety out of the equation. We give our clients straightforward conversation and a strong defense. If you hire us, you will know where your case stands and that you have a lawyer willing to always fight for you!

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