Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption

Although family law cases often involve multiple parties wanting to be involved in a child’s life, there are certainly instances in which a parent has failed to properly support a child.

Termination of Parental Rights & Adoption Lawyers in Winston-Salem

A parent may cut ties with the child by way of abuse or abandonment.  If your child’s other parent neglected or abandoned your child, voluntarily or involuntarily, you may be able to petition the court to terminate that parent’s parental rights.  If you have found a new spouse, your spouse may additionally petition to legally adopt the child, though adoption is not necessary to terminate parental rights.

At Greenwood Law, we handle a wide array of legal issues involving children, including child custody and parental rights. With great care and concern, we personally handle matters involving your children. We understand the emotional considerations and the importance of making sound decisions to create a focus on the relationship between you and your child. Our attorneys will take the time to listen to your situation, explain your legal options and develop a legal strategy while keeping your child’s best interests at heart. Our law firm is committed to protecting your parental rights and maintaining the best interests of children.

Terminating a Parent’s Rights

Terminating a parent’s rights to their child in North Carolina may only be done under certain circumstances. In granting a termination of parental rights, the court must find whether grounds for termination are adequate and that the termination of parental rights are in the child’s best interests. The State of North Carolina allows a number of specific circumstances which qualify for adequate termination of parental rights, such as certain kinds of abuse, abandonment, or convictions of serious crimes.

You may petition to terminate the parental rights of your child’s other parent, or both parents of a child you have custody of, however, you then have the burden of proving justification for termination by clear and convincing evidence. It is incredibly important that you petition the courts for termination under proper circumstances. If not filed at the appropriate time, you may not be able to terminate the parental rights of your child’s other parent. We are experienced in terminating parental rights. Additionally, we want to ensure that you are within the requirements to terminate parental rights, and that you are correctly petitioning the courts for termination.

Adoption within the Context of Termination of Rights

In certain situations, a person who has custody of a child, or the new spouse of a parent, may wish to legally adopt the child.  Generally, if both parents will not consent to an adoption, then the rights of the non-consenting parent will likely need to be terminated before the child can be adopted.  An adoption can be done without the consent of a parent who has abandoned a child or whose actions meet other statutory requirements.

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