Separation Agreements

Divorce is a disappointing end to a marriage, but that does not mean that it should turn ugly. In North Carolina, a separation agreement can help settle many difficult areas of a divorce like alimony, child support, child custody and visitation, and property division.

If you are looking for a civil divorce process, you need an attorney like the ones here at Greenwood Law.

Why Pursue A Separation Agreement?

Without a separation agreement, your other option for navigating a divorce is filing a lawsuit to settle any issue that you cannot agree on. Lawsuits can be expensive, in terms of both time and money. By using a separation agreement, you and your spouse agree to a private contract that allows both parties to come to a common agreement over their divorce.

Having an experienced negotiator and litigator on your side helps in this process. The attorneys of Greenwood Law provide clients with exactly that kind of experience. Let us help you fight for your best interests quickly and efficiently. Even if you are midway through this process, you should never sign anything without having a lawyer look at it first.

Let Us Do The Work For You

A separation agreement can be a welcome end to a painful process. If you are ready to work on your separation agreement or you uncertain of the agreement you have reached, contact our Winston-Salem office at 336-661-8788 to arrange a consultation today. Do not leave your life after divorce at risk; choose an attorney you can trust to fight for you. A consult fee is charged for family law. And, a consult fee is charged for immigration law.