Property Division

Many people fear that their divorce will wreak havoc on their hard-won assets. This may be true for some divorcees, but it does not have to be true for you.

Greenwood Law is an experienced family law firm that has guided many clients through the property division process and helped them emerge with their finances intact. Our attorneys can help you if you live in the Winston-Salem area and wish to protect your property and assets in your upcoming divorce.

What Is Equitable Distribution, And How Will It Affect Me?

North Carolina courts divide marital property according to a process called equitable distribution. This means that the court must divide marital property between spouses in an equitable fashion.

Equitable distribution does not necessarily mean that your marital assets will be divided 50-50. Rather, the court will make its ruling based on several factors, including you and your spouse’s income and the length of your marriage. You stand to lose a lot in the equitable distribution process, but working with an attorney can go a long way to ensure that you receive a fair property distribution order.

Finding The Strategy And Solution That Is Best For You

Every divorce is different, as is every property distribution order. Our lawyers will work with you to develop a strategy to obtain the arrangement that you need. This may involve amicable private negotiations or it may involve aggressively representing you in court. Whatever your particular circumstances, we will strive to reach a beneficial resolution.

Work With An Attorney To Protect Your Marital Assets

The divorce lawyers at Greenwood Law are here to help when you need legal counsel regarding property distribution. Call our Winston-Salem location at 336-661-8788 or contact our firm online. Se habla español. A consult fee is charged for family law. And, a consult fee is charged for immigration law.