Divorce is an emotional and strenuous process that forces you to make extremely difficult decisions. Though divorce can be draining, frustrating and painful, you do not have to, nor should you, go through it alone.

With a caring and compassionate law firm on your side, you will learn what the laws are through simple, yet effective communication. We will separate fact from fiction, helping you to navigate and to consider important decisions that can affect your future.

At Dylan W. Greenwood, Attorney at Law, we understand that divorce is a difficult and an emotional decision. We take the time to listen, to research and to collaborate with our clients – women, men, mothers, fathers and grandparents. We give all of our clients the individual time and dedication that they truly deserve. We realize what you are going through and it is not easy! However, it is manageable when you understand your rights. Call our office today to schedule a consultation with an attorney.

Hiring the Right Divorce Lawyer “For You”

Divorces are complicated and frustrating and when the divorce is final, it will likely affect the rest of your life. Divorce affects everything you have been accustomed to in life. It will affect your residence, mutual friendships, finances and, most importantly, family relationships could be damaged. Without the right legal guidance, you could encounter hardships and make mistakes that could have been avoided. Hiring the right lawyer for you and your situation is critical. Call Dylan W. Greenwood, Attorney at Law today to schedule a consultation.

Putting Clients’ Needs First

At Dylan W. Greenwood, Attorney at Law, you will not be treated like a case number. We treat each and every client with the respect he or she deserves – we treat you like family. We give every client our absolute best, and we will give you our best if we handle your case.

Going through divorce is a stressful, frightening experience. A skilled lawyer can take much of the anxiety out of the equation. We give our clients straight talk and strong advocacy. If you hire my law firm, you will know where you stand and that you have a lawyer willing to go the extra mile for you!

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We can represent you in all divorce-related legal matters, including the division of marital property, alimony, and legal issues that affect the children. When you are ready to talk about your divorce law needs, my law firm will be here for you!

We accept all major credit cards. Contact Dylan W. Greenwood, Attorney at Law today, online or by telephone, at 336-661-8788 to arrange a consultation with a knowledgeable Winston-Salem and North Carolina Divorce attorney. A consult fee is charged for family law. And, a consult fee is charged for immigration law.