Administrative Hearings

If you are preparing for an administrative hearing, you are likely feeling intimidated and overwhelmed. The outcome of your hearing will have a significant impact on your driving privileges, and you may be worried about navigating North Carolina’s often-confusing legal system.

An administrative hearing can be daunting, but you do not need to face it alone. At Greenwood Law, we can assist you with all aspects of your hearing. We have skillfully and knowledgeably guided clients in the Winston-Salem area through their administrative hearings and helped them emerge stronger on the other side.

Do I Really Need A Lawyer At My DMV Hearing?

Far too many people decide to handle their DUI or DWI hearings on their own, only to run up against a complicated legal system full of expensive and time-consuming obstacles. One small mistake can negatively impact your case’s outcome. A lawyer can work to ensure that you complete every necessary document, meet the deadlines and are adequately prepared for your court date. A lawyer can also find witnesses and evidence to bolster your case and persuasively argue your side before the judge, presenting you in the best possible light.

Focus On Your Life, Not Your Administrative Hearing

Your life is stressful enough as it is with work, family and social obligations. You should not have to worry about your upcoming administrative hearing as well. When you work with Greenwood Law, we can provide the peace of mind that you need. Our attorneys will handle the bureaucratic aspects of your hearing so that you can focus your energy on your day-to-day life.

Let A Lawyer Assist You

You can contact Greenwood Law in Winston-Salem today to discuss your administrative hearing with a lawyer who is ready to help you. Call 336-661-8788 or fill out our intake form. Se habla español.