What is Cyberstalking in NC?

Cyberstalking is an all-encompassing statute in North Carolina that can be used to charge various forms of alleged conduct in North Carolina. Harassment, threats, and electronic tracking are all encompassed in this law. It is important to understand all of the aspects of cyberstalking and how it can affect your rights. At Greenwood Law we have the experience and ability to navigate both the nuances and the consequences of any person charged with domestic cyberstalking in North Carolina. Our criminal defense attorneys will advocate for you passionately through the entire process.

Charged With Cyberstalking In North Carolina

While cyberstalking is an offense that involves situations that can overlap with domestic disputes, it is generally not considered to be one of the specific domestic violence offenses in North Carolina. If arrested underneath this law, there is generally not a requirement for a forty-eight-hour hold in custody. Many times, cyberstalking charges arise from “private warrants.” These warrants are charges that are sworn out by a North Carolina resident in front of a magistrate. This means the North Carolina resident initiates probable cause with the magistrate and not a law enforcement officer. There are different factors that must be considered when charged by a private warrant and at Greenwood Law we will explain the entire process to you during our representation.

Elements for cyberstalking include:

  1. Harassment that is communicated electronically;
  2. Threats that are made to a person or their family electronically; and/or
  3. Electronically tracking a person’s whereabouts without a legal justification.

If you a charged with cyberstalking, it is extremely important to hire an experienced attorney in order to defend yourself and avoid potential consequences. The district attorney must prove every element of the charge of cyberstalking beyond a reasonable doubt.  The attorneys at Greenwood Law are capable of handling every aspect of a case involving cyberstalking and we will guide you every step of the way.

Fighting for Defendant’s Rights Throughout North Carolina

These are serious charges that can affect your livelihood in numerous ways. You have the right to a lawyer. Lawyers know how to argue cases to district attorneys and to the Court. You also have the right to a fair trial, and you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Attorneys at Greenwood Law will ensure that no one in the criminal justice process forgets these rights.

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