Communicating Threats

Is it a Crime to Threaten Someone?

One of the most commonly charged offenses, arising out of personal disputes, in North Carolina is communicating threats. Many people might assume that since communicating threats is an offense in which the threat is communicated, orally or in written form, it is less serious than other misdemeanors, such as simple assault. However, this misnomer is untrue as communicating threats is a Class 1 misdemeanor in North Carolina, which can carry active time in jail if convicted. At Greenwood Law, our attorneys have the experience and ability to advocate for any of our clients charged with communicating threats in North Carolina.

Charged with Communicating Threats in North Carolina

Communicating threats is a charge that alleges that a person in North Carolina has:

  1. Threatened to physically injure a person or a person’s family member;
  2. Communicated the threat orally, in writing, or other means (non-verbal, etc.);
  3. Communicated a threat such that a reasonable person would believe the threat to be credible (or believable); and/or
  4. Communicated a threat such that the person threatened believes it will be carried out.

It’s important to remember that a charge of communicating threat is a Class 1 misdemeanor and carries a longer, potential sentence than a simple assault charge!

If you are charged with communicating threats, it is extremely important to hire an experienced attorney in order to defend yourself and avoid potential consequences, such as an attorney at Greenwood Law. The district attorney must prove every element of the charge beyond a reasonable doubt. In addition, many times this charge is issued via a “private warrant,” which means that the prosecuting witness swore out the charges. This means there will be different rules surrounding how you are served with the charge.  The attorneys at Greenwood Law are capable of handling every aspect of a case involving communicating threats and we will guide you every step of the way.

Fighting for Our Clients Throughout North Carolina

These are serious charges that can affect your livelihood in numerous ways. You have the right to a lawyer. Lawyers know how to argue cases to district attorneys and to the Court. You also have the right to a fair trial, and you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. At Greenwood Law, we will ensure that no one in the criminal justice process forgets that.

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