Violent Crimes

The experience attorneys at Greenwood Law know how to craft a defense tailored to your specific case to either get you fully acquitted or mitigate the impact of a conviction.

Offenses that are committed using force or threat of force typically fall under the category of violent crimes in North Carolina. Some actions that fall under this category include:

In North Carolina, violent crime offenses can carry steep consequences, including lengthy prison sentences and large fines. Because prosecutors are rarely quick to offer leniency with such offenses, it’s important to put the fullest extent of the law on your side by hiring a criminal defense lawyer who knows how to handle such serious charges. For our attorneys, it all comes down to making sure that your story is heard. 

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We know how to defend our clients’ rights against serious criminal charges and aggressive prosecutors. Put us on your side and you can rest assured your rights will be well-protected.

To make sure that you have the fullest extent of the law on your side, we will remain in constant contact with you and make sure you are up to date with your case. Though we can’t guarantee you a victory, we can guarantee that we will get in there and fight for you. We will take your case as far as it will go in order to get you the best possible outcome.

Mediation — A Way for Everyone to Get What They Want

Mediation can be an excellent tool to deescalate an emotional situation. Many times, especially when private warrants are issued, a combination of time and intervention by a mediator can help a situation significantly. Mediation allows for all parties to sit down, express their side of the story, and discuss a way to resolve the issue. These resolutions range from agreeing to no longer contact the other person to paying for out of pocket expenses related to the incident (i.e. medical bills and/or property damage). 

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Whether you’re facing assault charges because of a bar fight or allegations of domestic abuse for an altercation with your significant other, you need the help of an attorney. You need a strong advocate who can effectively show the courts your side of the story — to show you didn’t mean to commit a crime, to show there were extenuating circumstances, or to even show you were not present when the allegation was committed. Because of our knowledge of the law, years of experience in the courtroom, and relationships maintained with people who make decisions on your case, we get you that audience. This can be the difference between a conviction and a not guilty or dismissal.

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