Solicitation Of Sex With A Minor

Greenwood Law provides competent and aggressive representation to anyone in North Carolina who has been arrested or charged with solicitation of a minor or any other sex crime.

If you are under investigation or have been charged with indecent liberties with a minor or solicitation of a child in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, or any city in North Carolina, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney to protect your future. Hiring the wrong law firm could be putting your future at risk.

Our law firm has defended clients on a wide range of sex crimes charges. With our experience of defending previous clients of accused sexual crimes, we understand all of the tactics prosecutors utilize in these types of cases. We hold the State of North Carolina to its burden of proof each and every step of the way. Time is critical; the longer you wait, the less time we have to investigate these charges and present your side of the story. Call our law firm today to schedule a free consultation with our attorney. We will take the time to listen, investigate the charges and defend you to the fullest extent possible.

Aggressively Defending Against Online Solicitation

In North Carolina, FBI agents and task forces continually monitor activity in online chat rooms. Investigators are known to bait online predators by posing as minors interested in sexual activity in order to catch them. When these conversations escalate into disputed behavior, investigators will start tracking these individuals’ IP address in order to monitor their online activity.

Federal and local law enforcement has a large amount and extensive resources to build a case against individuals. We are here to level the playing field against anyone falsely accused of these behaviors. We have the experience to defend anyone falsely accused against internet crimes, including solicitations of minors and sex offenses. We understand how to develop a strong defense, anticipating how the prosecution will present their case. We will challenge all of the evidence. We will fight for a dismissal, immediately, if these law enforcement agencies did not secure a proper search warrant or acted outside the search warrant’s terms.

Greenwood Law will consult with cyber experts and computer experts, if necessary, to develop a strong defense. In some cases, another computer user has hacked into your computer without your knowledge and this needs to be presented as evidence. Presenting evidence showing someone else with access to your computer conducted the illegal activity is crucial. We will review and communicate with you all of the possible defense strategies when fighting to protect your rights.

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