Our Message To Parents

It is our job as parents to worry about our children’s futures. To wonder if they are taking the right path through life, and to want to do whatever it takes to make sure that they are happy and successful every step of the way. It’s natural then to feel an overwhelming sense of dread when we find out that our child is facing serious criminal charges. Our parental instincts kick in — we want to help.

How Local Parents Can Help

The most important thing a parent can do to help their son or daughter face criminal charges is to get in touch with an experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyer right away — the sooner the better. That’s because, as we always say, the best offense starts with a good defense.

Obtaining the services of a lawyer immediately after your child has been charged with a criminal offense provides them with crucial legal protections that can prevent things like mistreatment from police that might otherwise lead to a false confession and a wrongful conviction. A knowledgeable attorney will also suggest gathering evidence as quickly as possible to avoid contamination or the accidental loss of information through mishandling or the forgetfulness of witnesses.

Why Protecting Your Child’s Rights Is So Important

Whether your child is facing simple drug possession charges or a complex criminal investigation concerning allegations of sexual assault, you should know that their future freedoms are in danger. Most criminal offenses carry with them the risk of hefty fines and time in jail. A conviction then stays on their record, affecting things like employment and access to affordable housing. If convicted of a sex offense, they would need to register as a sex offender — a consequence that will follow them throughout their entire life.

Though seeking expungement of a criminal record may seem like a good reactive option, you should know that expunction isn’t always possible. The right choices need to be made during the course of the criminal process — choices your child might not make without a defense lawyer to guide them through it all.

Contact Us To Assist Your Child

Your child needs an advocate who can explain the charges against them, lay out their options and help them choose one that makes the most sense for their situation. Whether this means taking a plea deal or fighting the charges in court, you can rest assured that with an attorney at your child’s side, they are making a well-informed choice that is in their best interest.

If your child is facing criminal charges and you’re worried about their future, we encourage you to call our law firm, Greenwood Law, at 336-661-8788 to schedule your free initial consultation.