Kidnapping & Human Trafficking

Human trafficking, felonious restraint and kidnapping are all serious crimes, carrying severe consequences.

The outcome of your case will solely depend on the extreme and rigorous investigation about the facts. Greenwood Law is known for using all means necessary to obtain every detail pertaining to your case and to present evidence about your case that will force the prosecution to stick to the facts and take emotion out of the equation. We will go through your case to determine fact from fiction. We will ensure the entire story is heard with alternative explanations based on the facts of the case.

We will react as quickly as possible in order to determine facts in your case. The investigation of these facts will be thorough and precise, ensuring all evidence is collected, analyzed and presented. This will offer the jury all sides of the story in order to protect your rights and have the best possible outcome.

If you or a loved one has been wrongly accused or charged with human trafficking, kidnapping or felonious restraint call Greenwood Law today to discuss your case. Time is critical. The sooner you retain an attorney, the better your chances of the outcome.

Why Should You Hire An Experienced Lawyer To Defend You For A Human Trafficking Or Kidnapping Charge Or Accusation?

These cases involve emotions; sometimes emotions play a strong part in accusations—especially accusations that turn out to be false. If you have been falsely accused or arrested, the sooner you speak to an attorney can better the chances that evidence can be gathered and protected to help determine the facts from fiction. Our law firm understands the severity of these charges. We will spend the time necessary to review statements, collect evidence and protect your rights, delivering the best possible outcome.

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