Internet Crimes

The laws that govern internet crimes are changing all the time, but one constant is that the authorities take it very seriously.

Serious Defense For Serious Internet Crimes

The prevalence of the internet makes online criminal activity more common every day.

To ensure your rights are protected if you face an investigation or arrest for a cybercrime, you need the counsel of Greenwood Law. Based in Winston-Salem, our criminal defense attorney serves clients throughout North Carolina who face misdemeanor, felony and federal criminal charges.

Some of the most common internet crimes our firm handles include:

  • Identity theft
  • Intent to extort money
  • Ransomware
  • Cyber bullying and harassment
  • Child pornography
  • Hacking
  • Revenge pornography

We understand the many technological developments that are crucial to criminal charges involving computers and the internet. Often, we work with a roster of experts such as forensic accountants, professional hackers, private detectives and others who can gather potential exculpatory evidence. Your case always receives the personal attention and utmost dedication that it deserves.

Protect Your Future From Federal Charges

What many people do not realize is that internet crimes are sometimes both state and federal offenses. Federal offenses carry very severe penalties that sometimes involve mandatory minimum jail sentences. There is too much to lose when the stakes are so high. You could lose your freedom, career prospects, educational opportunities, housing options and personal relationships. It is critical to have a strong defense from a lawyer like ours who has experience appearing before federal courts successfully.

Act Quickly And Schedule Your Initial Consultation

The government tends to gather extensive evidence on alleged internet crimes before arresting someone. This means that if you are already under arrest or you merely suspect that you are under investigation, you need an attorney immediately. Call Greenwood Law at 336-661-8788 or send us an email to receive a swift, strong defense.