Federal Drug Charges

Ever since the 1970s, when ex-President Nixon declared the “war on drugs,” prosecution for federal drug crimes has been a dominant presence in our country.

From an increased presence of drug enforcement agencies to harsher punishments handed down in legislation, our federal government has tried to make good on its promise to deliver swift justice to those who violate federal drug laws.

But while times are changing, and we’re starting to see leniency for certain drug offenses, those who are accused of committing a federal drug crime still face a serious situation.

Prosecutors oftentimes try to push litigation along quickly, giving defendants less time to build a defense. And depending on the type of drug found in a person’s possession and how much, fines and jail time are typically higher as well, making defendants feel like their only option is to accept a plea deal instead of risking thousands of dollars in fines and a decade or more in prison.

Federal drug crimes include but are not limited to:

  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Distribution
  • Drug Trafficking

If guns or other weapons are present, a person is injured, or there is proof of an on going criminal organization certain federal sentencing enhancements can trigger. These can mean substantial time in federal prison, and it can make a significant difference in your case having a knowledgable attorney by your side.

Federal Law Can Trump State Law — You Should Be Prepared When It Does

Though most drug crime cases are handled at the state level, there are a some exceptions to the rule. The federal government will take action when possession of a drug exceeds a certain amount an illegal drug is being manufactured and sold, or when guns are involved.

When federal laws apply, the stakes become higher and you need to be prepared to address the situation properly. You can be charged by both the State of North Carolina and the United States Federal Government for drug violations centering around the same series of events, and it does not violate your protections against double jeopardy. Having an experienced attorney, like those at Greenwood Law, involved in your case at the earliest possible stage can help steer you into the best possible situation for the circumstances.

Our criminal defense lawyers understand the gravity of your situation because we have handled numerous drug crime cases over the years, including federal and state cases. We know that the best offense starts with a good defense that is what we provide clients in Winston-Salem, the Triad, across Forsyth County and throughout North Carolina.

Don’t Risk Your Future Freedoms — Start Building Your Defense Today

When you call Greenwood Law, you’re contacting a law firm that is truly empathetic toward your situation and wants to tell your side of the story. We work hard to present your case to the people who make decisions regarding your future, and if need be, to the judge so that you get your story heard. We will get in there, and fight if necessary, as we care about getting you the best outcome possible.

If you are facing a federal drug charge, your situation is serious and requires committed representation. We encourage you to contact our Winston-Salem office at 336-661-8788. See the difference building a proper defense can make.