Defense Against Rape Accusations

Accusations of rape or any other sexual assault carry with them a unique set of stresses and consequences.

Often times, even if a person is acquitted or the charges are unfounded, the damage is already done to that person’s reputation and future. At Greenwood Law, we fight to prevent that damage from ever occurring, but if we cannot our focus shifts to undoing what has already been done. All too often we see accusations—either in the investigative phase or after charges have been filed—that reveal themselves to be untrue. 

Regardless of where an accusation falls on the judicial process timeline, the experienced attorneys at Greenwood Law work hard to make sure your rights are protected. Their goal is to hold the State to its burden of proof each and every step of the way. Oftentimes these cases can be very technical and it takes a powerful, yet deft touch to approach them in a way that keeps your best interests in mind. 

Defending Students Against Rape Allegations

Because of the increased awareness of sexual assaults on college campuses across the nation, many colleges and universities in the Winston-Salem area, including Winston-Salem State University, Wake Forest University and many others, have adopted policies that are supposed to quickly and effectively address the serious situation at hand. Unfortunately though, as some students learn, these policies don’t always provide the accused student with the same legal protections they would receive if their case was handled by the courts.

We know North Carolina law very well. We know that penalties for sexual offenses, like sexual assault and rape, go far beyond the disciplinary actions taken by university administrators. On top of the threat of expulsion from school, you may also face misdemeanor or even felony charges brought by police. Depending on whether you are convicted of a crime, you could face time in jail, lengthy sex offender registration and significant damage to your reputation.

Protecting your rights should start with a call to a lawyer immediately after being accused. At Greenwood Law, we start by obtaining evidence and testimonies as soon as possible before anything becomes contaminated or details are forgotten. We then use defense strategies we have cultivated over many years as practicing criminal defense lawyers to make sure you are treated fairly and that your side of the story gets told.

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