College Student Possession

We know several college students engage in recreational use of drugs, including marijuana, and the students learn the hard way that misdemeanor drug possession charges are serious.

While drug possession cases are prevalent in many areas across North Carolina, Greenwood Law, based in Winston-Salem but serving the greater Triad community, has wide ranging experience in cases involving college students charged with drug possession and drug possession with intent to distribute.

Our law office represents college students from Wake Forest University, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, High Point University, North Carolina A&T, Guilford College, Winston-Salem State University, Salem College, University of North Carolina School of the Arts and several others. Drug charges—at any level—can affect your ability to stay in school and hold student loans. Moreover, if you have been charged with possession with intent to distribute, the affects on your future just hit a critical level.

We regularly represent people charged with drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession with intent on several colleges and universities throughout the Triad. Students need to be aware these charges are considered a criminal offense and most of these colleges and universities consider them a violation of the rules of student conduct. Parents and students need to understand these situations need to be addressed in the courts and throughout the school administration.

Penalties Of The Crime And Collateral Consequences Of The Charges

In North Carolina, possession of any drug for personal use is a misdemeanor offense. Possession with intent to manufacture, sell, or deliver is much more serious. If the police believe that the drugs were possessed with the intent to deliver and not for personal use, then the charge would be a felony offense and will carry a more severe criminal penalty and collateral consequences. You must contact a lawyer as soon as possible to start working on a defense strategy.

Even if you are charged and convicted of a misdemeanor offense of drug possession, there is a possibility the sentence could include fines, court costs, a period of probation or incarceration. A simple conviction of drug possession consequently results in a criminal record, and in North Carolina the laws for expungement of misdemeanor convictions are difficult at best. A criminal record affects your entire future, not only does it hinder your employment opportunities, but may prevent you from obtaining certain professional licenses. The only way to avoid the collateral consequences is to avoid a conviction of the drug possession charge. What gives you the best chance to avoid these charges? Hire an experienced drug defense lawyer as soon as possible. Experienced drug defense lawyers, like those at Greenwood Law, keep all of these consequence in mind while representing you and are sensitive to your status as a student.

Case Reviewed By Experienced College Criminal Defense Attorney

Our experienced drug defense lawyers will work to minimize the impact charges like this will have. We will not only help in the courts, but will walk you through the process of possible disciplinary action taken by your university or college. The impact of drug possession charges may be reduced by:

  • Demonstrating to the State that they don’t have the necessary evidence to prosecute
  • Negotiating an agreement with the prosecuting attorney
  • Seeking suppression of evidence based upon perceived violations of the law or Constitution
  • Challenging the case at trial if necessary

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