Criminal Defense

If you face criminal charges, there is a lot at stake. If convicted, you could face steep fines, probation, community service and even incarceration, depending on the charge.

Winston Salem Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges, there is a lot at stake. If convicted, you could be looking at steep fines, probation, community service and even incarceration, depending on the charge. You may be feeling lost and scared — but the fact that you are visiting this page indicates that you are searching for ways to take control of your situation and protect your rights, and that is a positive step forward.

At Greenwood Law, we provide comprehensive legal representation for individuals facing criminal charges. We understand how important it is to have someone you can trust by your side as you navigate the legal system. Our team of criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to providing our clients with compassionate, personalized service. We know that no two cases are alike and, as such, we approach each case with the individualized attention it deserves.

Practice Areas

At Greenwood Law, we serve clients in Forsyth County, Winston-Salem and throughout North Carolina. We provide skilled defense representation to clients facing a wide range of charges, including:

Drunk Driving/DUI Charges

Driving under the influence can have severe consequences, including loss of license and even jail time. Our team has decades of experience successfully defending clients facing drunk driving/DUI charges. We will scrutinize the evidence against you and build a strong defense in order to minimize the consequences of these charges.

White Collar/Fraud Charges

Our legal team has successfully represented individuals facing white collar and fraud charges. We have extensive knowledge of these complex charges and will work hard to defend your rights and interests.

Theft/Property Crimes Charges

If you are facing theft or property crimes charges, we can help. Our team understands how to navigate the legal system and will use our expertise to pursue the best possible outcome for your case.

Federal Drug Charges

Federal drug charges can be some of the most challenging criminal charges to fight — resulting in life-altering consequences if not handled correctly. At Greenwood Law Firm, we have experience successfully defending clients facing charges involving drug possession, drug trafficking and manufacturing charges.

Sex Offense Charges

Sex crime charges are some of the most severely stigmatizing, consequential charges. We have experience representing clients who have been accused of sexual misconduct and understand how to employ specialized defenses to clear your name.

Violent Crimes Charges

Our attorneys have represented clients charged with violent crimes, including assault, battery, and murder. We will carefully examine the evidence in your ase and create a defense strategy tailored to the specific needs of your case.

Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence charges can be incredibly complex and require a delicate touch. Our attorneys have deep experience with these cases and understand how to navigate the nuances of domestic violence laws.

Child Pornography Charges

Child pornography charges can carry very severe consequences, including long periods of incarceration — and that’s not to mention the stigma attached to child pornography accusations. You are innocent until proven guilty, and we will work tirelessly to protect your rights.

Gun Violation Charges

Gun crime charges can be complex and often have unique legal considerations. Our attorneys understand these complexities and fight to defend your 2nd Amendment rights.

Our law firm represents clients in state and federal courts and have helped countless individuals facing a variety of criminal charges. The attorneys at Greenwood Law stand committed to providing you with the guidance and legal representation you need to protect your rights and interests.

Federal Criminal Defense

Federal criminal cases are best handled by an attorney who is knowledgeable in the federal criminal justice system. These cases typically center around guns, drugs, immigration issues, and crimes that affect interstate commerce. The rules and procedures of federal court are vastly different to that of the state system. This is why some criminal defense lawyers, even seasoned and accomplished attorneys, do not take on federal cases. Our criminal defense attorneys are well-versed in federal criminal law and are prepared to handle any federal criminal defense case.

Representing College Students Facing Criminal Charges

For college students, the consequences of a criminal conviction can include disciplinary actions at school and future problems finding employment. We protect the futures of college students at Winston-Salem State University, Wake Forest University and other area schools. Our clients face charges ranging from DWI and underage drinking to drug and assault charges.

Arrested for DWI or Another Criminal Charge? We Can Help.

If you’re facing criminal charges in North Carolina, we are here to protect your rights. Contact our law office today online or by phone at 336-661-8788 to arrange a consultation with a knowledgeable Winston-Salem criminal defense attorney.