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Police crackdown on bike riders in Charlotte

Blame it on summer break or just bored young people looking for fun in North Carolina. Whatever the reason, Charlotte has experienced a bevy of activity from young people riding bicycles and dirt bikes throughout the Queen City. Their actions have caused numerous disruptions in traffic along with more serious criminal offenses, such as hit-and-run with injuries. Several cyclists have been arrested, and each is likely considering their options for an effective criminal defense.

Cycle groups and police crackdown

For several months now, groups of young people have been riding bicycles and dirt bikes recklessly throughout Charlotte. Police consider the cyclists serial offenders because they routinely ride in large groups on the road, blocking lanes and impeding traffic, as well as running red lights, riding the wrong way on road, and more. Additionally, some of the cyclists have been arrested and accused of violent acts against others, including assault, shootings and armed robbery.

In their latest attempt to get a handle on the bike riders, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police conducted an operation on July 31 that included helicopters and ground-patrol officers to identify possible offenders and put an end to their activities. During their latest crackdown, police say they seized four bicycles and one motorized dirt bike. They also arrested one adult male, 22 years old, and accused him of committing several felonies. Allegedly, he had hit a pedestrian with his dirt bike, causing a serious brain injury, and then fled the scene. They also arrested a 15-year-old on a third offense of reckless driving and issued citations to at least four others for reckless driving.

Criminal defense

The charges against the 22-year-old are felonies, so he will certainly need assistance mounting a criminal defense. The 15-year-old charged a third time for reckless driving will also need representation from an attorney experienced with juvenile cases. In either case, a lawyer will analyze all aspects of the arrest and work to help the client obtain the best possible outcome, considering the circumstances.

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