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Paying for the wedding can lead to thoughts of divorce

Weddings, as North Carolina residents know, are usually a cause for celebration. The furthest thing from the minds of the happy couple is the dissolution of their marriage. However, a study by LendingTree reveals that going into debt to pay for a wedding actually led to newlyweds fighting and thinking about divorce.

According to the study, about 45 percent of couples ages 18 to 53 who married within the last two years accrued debt to pay for their wedding. Once married, however, about 47 percent of those couples that went into debt argued about the money and considered divorce. This number is drastically different for those couples who did not go into debt to pay for the wedding. For those couples, only about 9 percent said they considered divorce over money issues.

While paying for the wedding is a major concern for many couples, it is important to consider something else revealed by the study. 76 percent of couples who went into debt for the celebration also argued about these expenses, compared with only 20 percent for couples who did not go into debt. Money is often the reason couples decide to part ways and seek advice for family law issues. In general, however, money was not the main issue of tensions between couples planning their wedding. According to the study, about 28 percent of couples admitted money was an issue while 32 percent said that the families were the biggest source of tension. The third important source of tension during wedding planning was the guest list with 17 percent of couples admitting this was a big problem.

If couples do decide to end their marriage, they can consult with a family law lawyer. A lawyer can provide guidance about state legislation as well as representation and support during the process of divorce.

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