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NC Man faces slew of charges after fleeing from police

People flee from the police for any number of reasons. Perhaps they are in possession of drugs or other contraband, or maybe they have outstanding warrants for their arrest. Still, running from the cops is never a good idea; most suspects are caught quickly, and eluding police in. North Carolina usually only adds to the charges the individual will likely face. Nowhere is this more evident than in a recent incident that happened near Winston-Salem. 

Details regarding the incident 

On Christmas Day, police conducted a traffic stop involving a Ford Mustang they say was speeding on North Highway 52. The deputy called for backup, and a K-9 unit arrived. Apparently, the K-9 dog was in the car searching for contraband when the driver of the car decided to get back in his vehicle and take off. In doing so, he dragged two Forsyth County Sheriff’s Deputies by his car while the K-9 dog was still in the vehicle. 

Somewhere down the road, the man crashed his vehicle. Whether it was from struggling with the police dog in his car or for some other reason is not known. Nevertheless, reports state the K-9 police dog then dragged the suspect from his vehicle, and the other deputies took him into custody. Police found cocaine, marijuana, and a gun in the man’s car. 

Right to defense 

The accused man now faces a wide range of charges, including felony flee to elude, assault with a deadly weapon upon a law enforcement officer, possession of a firearm by a felon and many others. Although the case against him is strong, the suspect still has rights and is presumed innocent until – and only if — convicted in court. The North Carolina man is currently incarcerated on a $505,000 secured bond, and he is likely considering his options for mounting an effective criminal defense. 

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