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More than a dozen arrested in drug sweep

In North Carolina and elsewhere, authorities are charged with keeping their communities safe and free from criminal activity. One of the areas law enforcement officials focus on is the possession, manufacturing and distribution of illegal drugs. A recent drug sting operation in the state netted 13 arrests. 

Anti-drug campaign and arrests 

The Vice-Narcotics Unit of the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office recently conducted “Operation Spring Cleaning.” The report did not specify how long the sting operation has been going on, but investigations led to the arrests of 13 people in the area the week of May 2, 2022. The first arrests reportedly happened at a convenience store in Evergreen, where three people were taken into custody. 

Officials continued to serve warrants on several other individuals in the area. The accused range in age from 18 to 47. All face a bevy of charges that include drug possession and drug trafficking charges, weapons charges and more. All told, bonds for all individuals arrested amount to over $1.2 million. 

Right to defense 

Since details regarding the investigations and arrests are scant, it is not clear why authorities focused on these individuals in the first place.  As such, an astute criminal defense attorney may be able to challenge evidence gained from the investigation in order to help his or her client obtain the best outcome possible. Considering the possible repercussions upon conviction, those accused of these drug crimes should work with legal counsel in North Carolina as soon as possible to help them fight the charges against them. 

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