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Man pleads guilty to immigration crimes

To many in other parts of the world, the United States is a land of opportunity and freedom. As such, people will seek to gain entrance in this country, even if it means breaking the law. One man who has ties to North Carolina recently pleaded guilty to several immigration-related crimes, and he was recently sentenced for his involvement. 

Details of the offenses 

The man was described as a 44-year-old Mexican national. In Nov. 2021, he was located by officials from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and his identify was confirmed through fingerprints. The man reportedly had no identification documents or other information pertaining to his legal status in the United States.  

Upon confirming his identity, authorities discovered the man had gone through five total removals from this country since 2000. He also has a conviction on his record for possession of cocaine in Winston-Salem, along with at least one conviction for illegally entering the United States. He was sentenced to time served and was remanded to the custody of ICE. 

Right to defense 

Many times, immigration law and criminal law converge in cases where foreign nationals either try to gain unlawful entry into the country and/or commit crimes while they are in the United States. Whether in North Carolina or somewhere else, those individuals still have rights, and they should work with an attorney who has experience with both immigration law and criminal defense. Working closely with counsel will help accused individuals gain a full understanding of their rights and options as they work to obtain the best possible outcome for their serious legal issues. 


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