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Divorce marks the end of one chapter in your life and the beginning of another. Make sure you start this next part of your life on a strong and positive footing by enlisting the assistance of Greenwood Law. We can help you navigate the divorce process successfully and confidently.

Even when you and your spouse agree that divorce is the best course of action, the process can be fraught. Your financial future and parental rights are at risk, whether your divorce is acrimonious or not. Greenwood Law will ensure your rights and interests are protected at all times. Contact us today.

Filing for Divorce in Lewisville

To file for divorce in Lewisville, you must meet the basic eligibility requirements under North Carolina law. Greenwood Law will quickly evaluate your situation and determine whether you satisfy these requirements. If not, we can guide you in the next steps you should take to further the process.


North Carolina is among a few states that require divorcing couples to first legally separate before they ask for divorce. You and your spouse must physically reside apart from one another for a period of one year. You cannot be considered to be separated if you continue to reside in the same home.

Also, at least one of you must intend for the separation to be permanent. It is not necessary that both of you live apart with the intention of divorcing once the separation is over. However, if both you and your spouse intend or hope to reconcile, then your period of separation does not count toward the divorce requirement.

Some couples choose to create a separation agreement that addresses issues of child custody, visitation, and child support. Separation agreements must be signed by both spouses, and the signatures must be notarized. However, the law does not require you and your spouse to enter into a separation agreement to divorce.

If you want to create an agreement to govern issues like visitation and property division, Greenwood Law can assist you in making one.


Either you or your spouse must be a North Carolina resident for at least six months before filing for divorce. In addition, this person must reside in North Carolina at the time they file their divorce petition. As long as you meet this residency requirement and continue to live in North Carolina, you can still obtain a divorce even though your spouse moved out of the state or the country.

Not only must you reside in North Carolina, but you should also reside in the county in which you intend to file for divorce. If you wish to file for divorce in Forsyth County, you must live in Lewisville or elsewhere in the county. There is no minimum time you must live in the county in which you file for divorce.

Filing Requirements

Once you meet the eligibility requirements to file for divorce, you prepare and file your petition for absolute divorce and your supporting documents. These documents include:

  • The complaint for absolute divorce
  • The summons directing your spouse to respond or appear
  • A Domestic Civil Action Cover Sheet
  • An affidavit informing the court whether your spouse is in the military

These documents and the filing fee are deposited with the clerk of the Superior Court in Forsyth County, 175 North Chestnut Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Do not file your complaint with any other municipal court or any other county, like Caswell County Superior Court, or your case may be delayed or complicated.

These requirements might seem burdensome and confusing, but that is why you have Greenwood Law to assist you. Your seasoned divorce attorney serving in Lewisville will ensure all of these requirements are met and your divorce gets off to a strong start.

Responding to a Divorce Complaint

Greenwood Law can also help you if you live in Lewisville and recently received divorce paperwork from your spouse. Perhaps during the separation with your spouse you maintained hope that the two of you could reconcile. This can be a difficult time for you, but it is no time for inaction. Your rights are at stake, and it is important that you respond.

Once retained, our legal team will immediately start working on your case. We will file appropriate responses with the court so that the court is aware of your legal positions. We will prepare you for every court appearance and work to ensure you are not taken advantage of during the divorce process.

Contact Greenwood Law today to respond to the divorce complaint you just received.

Decisions Made in Lewisville Divorce Cases

As part of the divorce process, the court will enter numerous orders that help you, your spouse, and any children you have in common move forward post-divorce. Some of these orders include:

Child Custody and Visitation

If you and your spouse have minor children together, the court will enter orders describing with whom your child will live. The other parent will receive parenting time where they can visit with the child. All of these orders are based on what is in your child’s best interests.

Child Support

The parent with whom the child resides will receive child support from the non-residential parent. This is typically calculated according to the child support guidelines that take both parents’ incomes and certain other factors into account. The court can deviate from these guidelines in situations the court finds appropriate.

Property Division

Any assets or property you and your spouse acquired during the marriage will be valued and divided in a fair and equitable manner. Any marital debts and liabilities will similarly be divided. The goal is to leave both spouses in a reasonably secure position without one spouse receiving all of the assets or being saddled with all of the debts.


Perhaps you supported your spouse during the marriage to the detriment of your own career ambitions and earning potential. If so, you might be entitled to alimony, also called spousal support. These payments can help support you while you establish yourself as an independent person. Depending on your age, alimony payments may be essential to making ends meet long-term.

In these and other matters, the court needs accurate information and strong advocacy to make the best decisions. Greenwood Law will be your voice in court filings and hearings. Contact us for help with your Lewisville divorce case.

Why Choose Greenwood Law?

Although divorces happen in North Carolina with regularity, your divorce is unique and deserves individual attention. At Greenwood Law, we take the time to understand your situation and your goals so we can provide exceptional, personalized advocacy. We are committed to your success and goals, whatever they look like.

Unlike with some firms, the divorce lawyer who handles your case will be the same from start to finish. You can trust that the attorney who knows you and your situation best will be the one speaking on your behalf. 

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