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Key factors in the Kardashian versus West divorce

Many reality TV fans in North Carolina and throughout the country have followed superstar Kim Kardashian West and her spouse, Kanye West from the day of their wedding until more than six years and four children later. Kardashian recently filed for divorce and West has since submitted his response. There are several key issues that the former couple are focusing on in proceedings.

Kardashian West and West signed a prenuptial agreement

As many North Carolina couples do, Kardashian West and West signed a prenuptial contract before their wedding day. Because of this, they have each asked the court to waive entitlement to spousal support on both sides. As part of the terms of their prenup, Kardashian West and West agreed to retain separate ownership of their property during marriage.

Both spouses have requested joint custody of their four children

Child custody is often a complex issue in divorce. Most family court judges in this state and beyond agree that children typically fare best when their parents agree to a shared custody arrangement. This appears to be the type of custody both spouses have requested in this case.

Does a wife have to drop her former spouse’s name after a divorce?

While many wives decide to go back to using their maiden names after filing for divorce, others choose to keep their married names, especially those who are parents and find it easier for their children to have parents who share a last name. Although no information has been provided as to whether it is a permanent decision, Kardashian West has reportedly not asked the court to drop the “West” from her name. If a North Carolina spouse has questions about child custody, prenuptial agreements, property division or other legal issues, he or she can schedule a consultation with an experienced family law attorney.

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