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Investigation leads to numerous drug-related arrests

Law enforcement officers in North Carolina routinely conduct investigations into alleged criminal drug activity to help keep their communities’ streets safe for all. Often, these investigations last for several months before authorities feel they have enough probable cause to search a location and arrest those suspected of selling or distributing illicit substances. One such investigation in Waynesville led to six people facing a variety of drug charges.

Investigation and arrests

The Waynesville Police Department conducted a three-month investigation into alleged illegal drug activity in their area. The investigation came as the result of numerous complaints from residents and crime tips received through the department. The investigation concluded with the arrests of six individuals.

It appears all those arrested were females, but their ages were not reported. Each faces a slew of drug charges, including possession with intent to distribute cocaine, opium, methamphetamine and marijuana. Other charges involve maintaining a vehicle for drug transport, trafficking and conspiracy. Bonds range from $1,500 up to $450,000.

Right to defense

The report did not offer much detail regarding the methods authorities used to conduct their investigation, citing only proactive work by police and tips submitted by concerned citizens. As such, an experienced defense attorney may be able to challenge any evidence obtained in the investigation in an effort to help a client obtain a better outcome. Those arrested will want to work with a criminal defense attorney in North Carolina to increase their chances of getting the most favorable results possible.

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