In The Media

Greenwood Law In The Media

At Greenwood Law, we pride ourselves on being up to date on current legal issues. We aim to keep the public informed and safe, and we want our community to feel just as confident in their legal knowledge as we are in ours. Greenwood Law produces a range of media created in order to help break down legal concepts into easily comprehensible pieces. Our goal is to keep citizens of Winston-Salem, the greater Triad area, and all North Carolinians aware of their rights.

Radio Show

Every Sunday at 10:30 AM, catch Greenwood Law on WTOB with our radio show For the Record! On our weekly production, attorneys at Greenwood Law discuss relevant legal issues that impact the lives of those in their community of Winston-Salem, and within North Carolina as a whole. Tune in to hear Greenwood Law discuss legal concepts with members of the Winston community, and learn about the Greenwood Law Bill of Rights. Special guests often appear. In the past we have hosted the Sheriff of Forsyth County, Judges, and other legal experts.


If you are unable to tune in to WTOB on Sunday mornings, we’ve got you covered. For the Record is available as a podcast to stream on multiple platforms, including Apple, Spotify and Google Podcasts. This way, our shows are always available for listening at your convenience, whenever and wherever.


Get to know the attorneys of Greenwood Law on YouTube, as Greenwood Law produces videos that make legal concepts personal and easy to understand. The Greenwood Law attorneys break down legal concepts in short videos to help answer questions that potential clients may have. Greenwood Law’s YouTube channel also includes the filmed versions of each episode of For the Record, so that you can watch the attorneys discussions of legal issues in addition to listening to them. Visit our YouTube page.

Greenwood Law Bill of Rights

  1. I will not represent myself in a court of law.
  2. I will not do law enforcement’s job for them.
  3. I will not make statements when stopped by law enforcement
  4. I will not consent to searches when asked by law enforcement
  5. I will not be my own star witness for the prosecution

Remember that it’s not a crime to know and assert your rights. Stay informed. Stay safe.