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How Much Does an Immigration Lawyer Cost in NC

If you’ve made the decision to start your immigration journey, then you’ve entered an exciting time! On the other hand, if you’re still considering if immigration is right for you – you must weigh the costs. In this case, we mean literally. One of the most important factors in your immigration is your retention of an attorney. It’s completely normal to be concerned about the price of an immigration attorney. If you’re already struggling to make ends meet, the overall cost of immigration is already overwhelming. But it’s essential to get all the facts before choosing to use an immigration lawyer – and when making sure you choose the right one.

Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer?

The short answer is simple: No. Then why do so many immigration lawyers exist, and why do so many who have already immigrated encourage the use of one? Well, there are multiple reasons why certain types of lawyers exist. Just like a personal injury attorney can focus on motor vehicle accidents and medical malpractices, which are two very different areas of law, an immigration attorney can have knowledge in several different areas or niches. 

First and most commonly, immigration attorneys help guide those who want to enter the U.S. through the immigration process. Think of them as a travel guide to a foreign country – only permanently! They will tell you what type of documentation you need and the regulations of the country you are entering. Like a good travel guide, they’ve done this before. They will use their past knowledge to direct you on how to proceed and what to avoid. Similarly, an immigration attorney has been through this process countless times before and can use that knowledge to assist with your case and help you avoid pitfalls. They can also represent you when things don’t go to plan, and you violate immigration guidelines.

Another reason many choose to use immigration attorneys is for deportable crimes. Being charged for a criminal act is a stressful experience for anyone, but when adding the threat of deportation, it can become life-changing. An immigration attorney can defend your rights in cases like this, especially in examples like the following:

CrimeConsequence for U.S. ImmigrantsExceptions
Aggravated FeloniesDeportationDoes not apply if the alien receives a full pardon
Failure to Register as a Sex OffenderDeportationNone
Controlled Substances Offenses Does not apply if it’s a single offense of possession of 30 grams or less of marijuana
Certain Firearm OffensesDeportationNone
Domestic Violence OffensesDeportationNone
Human Trafficking OffensesDeportationDoes not apply to the son or daughter of human trafficker who was a child at the time of benefiting from human trafficking activity.

How Much is an Immigration Lawyer Near Me

Immigration attorneys in North Carolina can charge by hour (anywhere from $200-$500 or more per hour) or by the service ($3,000+ per type of green card case). The cost of a Salem immigration lawyer depends on the experience of the attorney. You can ask to see your immigration attorney’s fee schedule when evaluating prices.

So, now that you have a general idea of the “damage,” there are a few things to keep in mind. While hiring a lawyer can be expensive, it can also be costly to go through this process without a lawyer. How so? If you aren’t prepared for the immigration process, numerous pitfalls could extend the process. Let’s say, hypothetically, you choose an immigration attorney with the cheapest rate. As a result, you violate immigration guidelines. Like everything, the cheapest option isn’t always the best. Quality is always important, even in lawyers! 

Initial Consultation Fees

It’s common for an attorney to offer low-cost initial consultations, ranging anywhere from $50-$300. Your initial consultation is like your “first date.” The purpose of this visit is to introduce yourself to the immigration lawyer and understand their experience, personality, and success rate. Your initial consultation is important, and just like you would try on several pairs of shoes to find the right fit, the lawyer that is right for you is a personal decision.

Immigration Attorney Hourly Rates

As mentioned, immigration rates for attorneys can range significantly. On the low end, you could even find an “online” immigration attorney for $50 per hour. However, you may not like the attention you receive or the lack thereof. There are certainly pros and cons to choosing an hourly rate versus a flat fee. However, the immigration process varies from person to person. If unexpected issues with your application require an attorney to spend more time on it, hourly charges may add up quickly. If it’s a simple and straightforward path, then hourly rates may benefit you. It’s important to find an attorney you trust to tell you what the best option is for your situation.

Immigration Attorney Flat Fees

What are “flat fees”? Well, sometimes, an attorney will charge for the entire service of getting you your desired outcome. Just like you wouldn’t pay your doctor per hour, some immigration attorneys prefer to charge by project. This is beneficial to you in a few ways. First, you know what you’re getting into! No surprise billable hours here. Many offices allow you to start making payments on what you owe them immediately after your engagement with the firm. Another benefit is that if an unforeseen setback requires the attorney’s attention, you will not have to pay more for that time. Here are some examples of real-life fees for common types of immigration:

  • U Visa Lawyer Cost – $3,500
  • i-130 attorney fee – $3,000
  • i-751 attorney fee – $3,500
  • naturalization attorney fee – $3,000

Other Possible Expenses

In addition to attorney’s fees, if you’re considering immigration, it may be a good idea to look at the additional costs associated with immigration. This includes the green card fees by USCIS. You could also end up paying immigration forms specialist fees, documentation costs, medical exam costs, travel expenses, and other things like settlement funds.

How to Find a Good Immigration Lawyer

When searching for the best immigration lawyer for your situation, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Finding a good lawyer could be compared to finding the right home. You would go to several showings, then get inspections on the roof and pikes, and ask questions about the neighborhood.

Similarly, you really need to look at all aspects of your lawyer before deciding on one. Look at their reputation, their reviews, their track record. Ask serious questions such as how much we will communicate and do you have the availability to take on my case at this time. Meet with several lawyers before making a decision!

Why Choose Greenwood Law?

At Greenwood Law, you’re more than just a case number; you’re treated with the dignity and respect you deserve. Each client receives our utmost attention and dedication. Should you entrust us with your case, expect nothing less than our unwavering commitment.

Navigating immigration matters can be daunting and overwhelming. However, with a skilled immigration lawyer in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, much of that stress can be alleviated. We prioritize open communication and provide robust legal representation to our clients. By choosing us, you’ll always be kept informed about the progress of your case and assured of a lawyer who will tirelessly advocate for your rights! Contact us today for a consultation.

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