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How long will a DUI stay on a driving record?

Driving under the influence of alcohol is arguably one of the most dangerous things a person can do. Police forces across the state of North Carolina are continuing to crack down on impaired drivers and doing what they need to do to keep motorists safe. A person who is arrested and charged with DUI can face significant fines and jail time if convicted. A DUI charge can also do damage to a person’s reputation and appear on his or her driving record, possibly hampering attempts to obtain insurance or future employment. But how long will a DUI charge remain on an individual’s driving record? 

Driving records and insurance 

Although it varies from state to state, in North Carolina a DUI charge can remain on a driving record for seven years. North Carolina also uses a point system to track driving offenses. When a traffic violation is committed, the state assigns points to the offender’s license. If the individual accumulates enough points, his or her license will be suspended. 

Besides a license suspension, a DUI on a driving record can lead to other problems, such as much higher insurance rates and even employment difficulties. Insurance companies use an individual’s driving record to evaluate risk. If a DUI shows, the insurance rates will typically be much higher. Also, a clean driving record is a requirement for commercial driver’s licenses, meaning that a DUI can prevent a person from gaining this type of employment. 

Help for those charged 

Those who are formally accused of DUI can face consequences that could affect them for decades. Anyone in North Carolina who has been charged with DUI can get help by speaking with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. A seasoned litigator can protect the rights of those charged and provide much-needed guidance. 

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