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How do you handle drug charges stemming from legal prescriptions?

After a recent run-in with law enforcement in North Carolina, you may worry about carrying prescribed medication on you when you leave the house. How do you avoid facing unlawful possession of a controlled substance charges?

The Recovery Village has insights that can answer your questions. Learn how to store your medication to stay on the right side of the law.

Concentration, quality and form

Your prescription and your medication’s concentration, quality and form must match. For instance, if you have extended-release capsules of Adderall on your person but you have a prescription for the medication in tablet form, police may arrest and charge you with unlawful possession. If you must carry medication on your person, ask your doctor or pharmacist about the latest regulations for doing so.

Medication in the bottle

The most favorable way to carry your prescription with you is inside its original bottle. Double-check that your prescription medication label lists your name, your identification information, the name of your medication, your prescribed dosage and your physician’s contact information. One essential aspect of lawful possession is the existence of a proper medication label.

Medication outside the bottle

You may not realize it, but it could be illegal for you to store your prescription inside of a toiletry kit, bag or non-medical storage device. While the medication may be yours, and while you may take medication stored in your pocket for valid health purposes, statutory prohibitions and guidelines may not allow you to transport your prescription in anything other than its original bottle. Before tucking a few pills in a pocket before leaving the house, learn whether doing so may put you at risk of a misdemeanor.

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