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How career status can impact a person’s relationship status

An increasing number of couples in North Carolina and elsewhere are dropping traditional gender roles in favor of equal marriages. This has come at a time when women are increasingly likely to enter the workforce and take over jobs that were once predominantly handled by men. However, there are instances in which a couple began by embracing traditional gender roles and then transitioned to an egalitarian marriage.

In marriages where women begin to earn significantly more than they had in the past, their odds of getting divorced increased as well. This was according to a study conduct by Swedish researchers. One of the reasons is that it can be hard for individuals to adjust to the new dynamics of their relationship. For instance, women who dedicated more time to their job had less time to dedicate to household chores. Men who realized that their wives were earning more felt free to work less, but were not willing to do more around the house.

Those who saw their spouses making more than they sometimes saw it as a personal attack or a threat. This led to controlling behavior or accusations that a spouse was having an affair. To prevent career changes from causing a divorce, it is a good idea to establish and embrace the fact that both partners are equal from the moment a marriage begins.

The end of a marriage can mean dealing with property division, spousal support and other issues that could impact a person’s finances. As a general rule, the spouse that earns more generally pays child support, and this person may also be asked to pay a greater share of the marital debt. An attorney may review a case and help an individual obtain a favorable outcome in a divorce matter.

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