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How can a DUI conviction wreck your career?

When you receive a DUI conviction, you face prison time, having to pay a substantial fine and having your driver’s license suspended. But have you ever considered the other possible consequences of a DUI conviction?

The Houston Chronicle reports that a DUI conviction can seriously hamper your career. How? It may prevent you from getting the jobs you want and/or the licenses you need to perform them.

Professional licensure

If you intend to practice law, medicine or one of the other professions, you need a license to do so. However, the state licensing board may refuse to issue you one if it discovers a DUI or other criminal conviction on your record.

Other employment risks

Today, virtually every company to which you apply for a job will run a background check on you. Not only will your DUI conviction show up, so will other things such as the following:

  • Records from the court that convicted you
  • Records from the jail or prison that incarcerated you
  • Records from the department of motor vehicles showing your entire driving record, including any driver’s license suspension or revocation resulting from your DUI conviction

All of this negative information about you severely limits the number of employers who will want to hire you, plus the types of jobs for which you qualify. For instance, your DUI conviction will prevent you from getting a commercial driver license for years, if not for the rest of your life. Consequently, you need not apply for any job that necessitates your driving, especially of a commercial vehicle. In addition, you likely will find it difficult to obtain employment in any job requiring you to work with children, the mentally disabled or sensitive company information.

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