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Financial stress can lead to divorce

Financial concerns are often cited as the most common cause of divorce in North Carolina. Unfortunately, the separation itself can carry its own financial difficulties as well. There are a few common reasons for marital clashes over money. By working to resolve issues over finances, a couple could keep their marriage together.

In many cases, poor communication is a primary cause of money troubles. When couples don’t discuss their finances together, there is a lot of room for one partner to later be angry about the decisions that were made without their input. In other families, both parties may be fine with having one partner control all the finances. However, there can be unexpected difficulties if one spouse passes away and the other is left to manage funds with little background or knowledge. By communicating about money issues in a safe, open environment, couples can potentially avoid misunderstandings.

Deliberately keeping secrets over money can also lead to serious conflicts and divorce. When one partner keeps money aside or hides it from their spouse, it can be a gateway to mistrust at all levels. In addition, many couples face the kind of stress and difficulties that are exacerbated by poverty. When people don’t have the money to spend on necessities or desires, it can be all too common for the stresses of poverty to undermine the marital bond.

Financial conflicts can bring even a strong marriage to an end. A divorcing spouse can work with a family law attorney who can provide guidance on matters such as property division, spousal support and child custody.

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