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Changing a Name

Changing Your Identity in North Carolina

A name change in North Carolina can be a complicated process due to the inherently personal nature of such a change. While a name change for an adult in the context of marriage or divorce is generally simple, any other situation for a name change can be complicated, either for an adult or a child. Generally, a name change for a child requires both parents’ consent, but there are limited exceptions.

At Greenwood Law, we understand that life can create a variety of situations that may require a name change. We take the time to listen, evaluate your specific situation, and help you through the complicated process of pursuing a name change for either yourself or your child. We give all of our clients the individual time and dedication that they deserve. We will work with you through every opportunity to make this process easier. Call our office today to schedule a consultation with an attorney.

How Can I Change My Name as an Adult?

Changing your name as an adult is a personal change and therefore, can be complicated—depending on the situation. The simplest context in which to change your name would be for the purposes of marriage or divorce. For marriage and divorce, a name change can easily be done with the social security office after your marriage or divorce is completed. In all other contexts, a name change can be more complicated. An adult can apply to the clerk of their county’s superior court and submit an application with the following information:

  • Adult’s “true” & new name
  • County and date of birth
  • Full name of parents on birth certificate
  • Results of a state and national criminal history check
  • Sworn statement that you are a county resident, and that you do not have outstanding tax or child support obligations.

How Can I Change the Name of My Child?

Changing the name of your child in North Carolina, either first or last, can also be a complicated process. An application for a name change can be filed by a child’s parent or guardian and generally both parents’ approval is required. However, there are some limited circumstances where only one parent’s approval is sufficient, this includes where:

  • Abandonment can be shown of the child, or
  • One parent has been convicted of certain offenses against the minor or sibling of the minor.

Due to the complicated nature of the court’s requirements, and the way it can be situation-specific, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side to help you through this process.

Contact Us Today

We at Greenwood Law understand that a name change for you or your child is not only a personal change but can be a complicated process. As experienced attorneys we wish to help you simplify this process. To discuss your case further with the attorneys at Greenwood Law, contact our Winston-Salem office today by calling (336) 794-6138, or filling out our online contact form.

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