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North Carolina has tough driving while intoxicated (DWI) laws to deter people from getting behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Harsh penalties also deter reckless behavior on the state’s many busy roadways, including the Reidsville 158 Corridor

However, at Greenwood Law, we believe that one mistake shouldn’t define your entire life. If you are facing Reidsville, North Carolina, DWI penalties, it’s vital that you seek legal representation right away. 

Our Reidsville, NC, DWI lawyers will familiarize themselves with the facts of your case and fight for a second chance on your behalf. We will work to mitigate the repercussions of your mistake and help you move on to your next chapter. 

What Are the Repercussions of Drunk Driving Charges in North Carolina?

DWI laws in North Carolina are some of the harshest in the entire country. Like in most jurisdictions, the legal limit is 0.08%. However, the legal limit drops to 0.04% if you are operating a commercial motor vehicle. 

The specific DWI penalties in NC vary based on the circumstances of your case, whether anyone got hurt, your BAC, and whether you’ve had previous DWI charges or not. You could face tens of thousands of dollars in fines, a driver’s license suspension, and jail or prison time.

Therefore, it’s vital that you mount a strong DWI defense in Reidsville, NC, by hiring an experienced legal team like Greenwood Law. We’ll assign you a Reidsville, NC, DWI attorney who has a wealth of experience in defending against driving while intoxicated charges. 

They’ll review evidence, ensure that law enforcement follows proper procedure, and work to mitigate the penalties you face.

Where Will You Go to DWI Court?

If you face DWI charges in Reidsville and your case goes to court, you’ll likely be summoned to the Guilford County Courthouse. You will go there to face your criminal and civil charges while fighting for your rights. The good news is that you don’t have to face the daunting process alone.

The Greenwood Law team will fight fiercely to protect your rights and mitigate the impacts of your DWI charges. We will use the full breadth of our experience and all relevant evidence to seek a positive outcome in your case.

DWI Defense Strategies

When facing a driving while intoxicated charge, it’s essential to have a comprehensive and strategic defense plan. Our experienced attorneys employ a variety of tactics to challenge the prosecution’s case and protect your rights. Here are some key approaches we may use to defend you:

Challenging the Traffic Stop

Getting pulled over marks the beginning of most DWI investigations. Our team will carefully review the legality of the initial stop and determine whether officers had a valid reason to pull you over. While most stops are conducted lawfully, we want to ensure that your rights are respected during the investigation. 

Contesting the Field Sobriety Tests

North Carolina has specific requirements regarding when, where, and how field sobriety tests are conducted. If officers fail to perform them properly, they may be invalidated and inadmissible in your case. 

These examinations are also highly subjective and prone to error. That’s always a concern of ours when representing DWI clients. Factors like poor lighting, uneven surfaces, or incomplete instructions can impact your performance.

Questioning Whether a Breathalyzer Was Functioning Correctly 

Breathalyzers are highly reliable machines that are designed to measure blood alcohol levels. However, they must be properly maintained to ensure accuracy and proper function. 

The Greenwood Law team may review calibration and testing records for the equipment to ensure it has been maintained properly. Discrepancies may lead to the results being tossed out.

Reviewing Your Blood Collection Procedure

Officers might order a blood test to verify your BAC levels and determine whether any other substances contributed to your impairment. They must follow strict rules when ordering and harvesting blood samples. 

We thoroughly review the procedures followed during the collection, handling, and analysis of your blood sample. Any violations of protocol can compromise the results and make them unreliable.

Reviewing How Officers Acted on Scene 

We carefully review body camera footage, witness testimony, and other evidence to see whether the officers conducted themselves ethically during the DWI investigation. 

We are passionate about protecting the rights of our clients and seeing justice served. If we uncover any misconduct or violations of your rights, we will seek to have the evidence suppressed or the charges dismissed. 

Connect With Our Drunk Driving Defense Professionals

The consequences of DWI charges in Reidsville, NC, can be severe, even if it’s your first offense. That’s why you need to align yourself with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who commonly handles driving while intoxicated cases. Schedule a consultation with Greenwood Law, and let’s discuss the details of your DWI case.

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