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DWI arrests on the decline in North Carolina

For decades, law enforcement and safety advocates have been trying to get the word out that drunk driving is a dangerous and potentially deadly choice. Lawmakers continue to tighten laws, and police enforce those laws in an effort to keep the roads safe. These efforts seem to be working since the number of drunk driving arrests has dropped an average of 30% across North Carolina.

However, while lawmakers and others may take some responsibility for this positive trend, much of the credit may belong to technology. It seems that the number of DWI arrests began to decline shortly after ride-sharing services came to the state.

You have options

If you enjoy an evening out with friends, your big concern may be how to get home. As much as you may try to pace yourself so you can avoid having a high blood alcohol concentration when you get behind the wheel, it may be difficult if the party gets wild or your friends are having a good time. Now, you can use your phone to contact Uber or Lyft to get a ride home safely for a fee.

Like many in the metropolitan areas of North Carolina, this may be your choice for getting home if you consider these factors:

  • A drunk driving arrest is not the way you want to end your evening out.
  • A conviction for DWI can be financially devastating.
  • A DWI on your record can damage your career or complicate your job search.
  • Drunk driving may lead to an accident in which you or others may suffer serious or fatal injuries.

While ride-sharing opportunities are common in the cities, if you live in a more rural area, you may not have access to this option. In this case, you may find yourself having to make difficult choices as the night goes on or planning ahead for your ride home before you even go out. Driving yourself home after drinking alcohol should never be your only option.

Caught in a bad situation

Nevertheless, you may find yourself facing DWI charges after a night on the town, and this means your future is uncertain. A conviction for drunk driving can be a serious burden to overcome, and if you are involved in an accident, you may have a lifetime of struggle ahead.

Reaching out to a skilled criminal defense attorney soon after your arrest is a wise move. Your attorney can begin to work immediately on building a strong defense so you can get yourself back on track and protect your future as much as possible.

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