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DUI crash injures 2 pedestrians

The holidays typically see a rise in DUI-related accidents and arrests. While many consider the holiday season to start with Thanksgiving and continue through to the New Year, Halloween is also a holiday where a driver operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be very dangerous simply because of the number of people out for trick-or-treating and other activities. This was made evident in a recent DUI accident and subsequent arrest in another state.

Accident details

According to reports, the accident occurred on Halloween night and involved two individuals in addition to the driver. The accident occurred along a local roadway, but the report did not specify the time the accident took place. The driver was identified as a 53-year-old man, and he hit two pedestrians.

Reports describe the victims as a male, 50, and a female, 49. The two were apparently walking north along the road when the pickup driver ran into them. The victims were taken to a local medical center. One pedestrian suffered only minor injuries while the other suffered injuries listed as critical. The pickup driver was not hurt, and authorities arrested him on suspicion of DUI.

Driver’s defense

The report did not state how authorities determined the impairment of the pickup driver; however, the case is still under investigation. Facing charges for DUI, especially when causing an accident that injures others, is very serious and can lead to life-altering consequences for the driver should he be convicted. As such, he will do well to work with a savvy DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible to protect his rights and improve his likelihood for a favorable outcome regarding the charges.

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