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Do travel bans help with immigration issues?

President Trump has had a hard stance on immigration reform since beginning his presidency, so it is no surprise that his travel ban is something he maintains and works on continuously. Part of his immigration reform is putting travel bans into place. These bans prevent people from entering the country if they come from specific countries. You may wonder, though, if such bans actually do any good.

According to The Hill, the current travel ban blocks immigrants from two Asian countries and four African countries. The ban largely keeps out people with exceptional ability or trained professionals who already have jobs lined up within the U.S. from entering. It also keeps out people with close relatives who are already legally living in the country. The ban does not stop people from entering the U.S. from the listed countries who are coming on a non-immigrant visa.

The rules of the ban can seem confusing because the administration often says the reason for the ban is security. However, the largest affected groups are the least likely to be a threat. In addition, the administration says these countries were chosen specifically for not complying with security requirements, but some countries do. It is easy to see why you might doubt the effectiveness of a travel ban.

It can be especially disheartening when you have a relative who wants to immigrate legally to the U.S. from one of the banned countries. There is little you can do to fight it since the Supreme Court recently upheld the current version of the ban after many objections and challenges in the lower courts.

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