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Criminal Defense


If you face criminal charges, there is a lot at stake. If convicted, you could face steep fines, probation, community service and even incarceration, depending on the charge. Remember, however, you are innocent until proven guilty. A skilled defense lawyer can challenge the prosecution and help you pursue a favorable outcome.

At Greenwood Law, we serve clients in Winston-Salem and throughout North Carolina. We provide skilled defense representation to clients facing charges such as:

We represent clients in state and federal courts and provide each and every client with the personal service and attention he or she deserves.

Our Federal Law Practice

If you face federal criminal charges, it is important to hire an attorney who is knowledgeable in the federal criminal justice system. These cases typically center around guns, drugs, immigration issues, and crimes that affect interstate commerce. The rules and procedures of federal court are vastly different to those of the state system. This is why some criminal defense lawyers, even seasoned and accomplished attorneys, do not take on federal cases. Our criminal defense attorney is well-versed in federal criminal law and prepared to handle any federal criminal defense case.

Representing College Students

For college students, the consequences of a criminal conviction can include disciplinary actions at school and future problems finding employment. We protect the futures of college students at Winston-Salem State University, Wake Forest University and other area schools. Our clients face charges ranging from DWI and underage drinking to drug and assault charges.

Arrested For DWI Or Another Criminal Charge? We Can Help.

If you’re facing criminal charges in North Carolina, we are here to protect your rights. Contact our law office today online or by telephone at 336-794-6138 to arrange a consultation with a knowledgeable Winston-Salem criminal defense attorney.

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